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Katy Property Taxes

Katy Property Taxes–Unfortunately, property taxes in Texas are among the highest in the country. But before you panic, just remember that we don’t have a state income tax in Texas…so one sort of offsets the other. I tell my out-of-state clients to find out the state income taxes they paid last year and add that to their property taxes, and then compare that number to the property taxes here.

Each Katy subdivision (and there are over 200!) has different property tax rates…and they can change from year to year. Subdivisions in our newest neighborhoods, like Firethorne and Tamarron, tend to have the highest property tax rates (3.2 to 3.6) and subdivisions in our older neighborhoods, like Kelliwood or Nottingham Country, tend to have the lowest tax rates (2.2 to 2.8).

Older homes within the same neighborhood
may have lower tax rates than newer homes in newer sections.

The tax rate in a subdivision tends to go down over time. That doesn’t mean your taxes go down over time, because the home value is probably increasing, but your tax rate will probably decline with time.

One thing I like to point out though…our newer homes tend to be much more energy-efficient than our older homes; so you will save money in energy costs when you buy a newer home. That may help partially offset the higher taxes.

There are tax benefits and other benefits in owning your own home (which can make up for the high Katy property taxes). Please read The Benefits of Home Ownership to learn more. 

Something else you need to know…the tax appraised value on a home does not usually equally the market value of the home in Texas. If a home is older, it’s tax appraised value may be significantly lower than it’s market value. So don’t use those numbers when calculating a sales price!

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Unlike many other states, your home’s tax appraised value cannot increase more than 10 percent in a single year:

      property tax limits

        Source: https://comptroller.texas.gov/taxes/property-tax/valuing-property.php


You can read more about Texas property taxes so you are well-informed. 

Homestead Exemption

As a home owner in Texas, your Homestead Tax Exemption is a large exemption to reduce the amount of Katy property taxes that you pay. Applying for a Homestead Tax Exemption (info) is a one-time activity in Texas that home owners need to do the first year they buy a home…not something you do every year. The deadline is typically April 30 each year and you can’t apply until you have lived in the house on December 31st. 

Your application must include a copy of your Texas Driver’s License or DPS Identification Card and the address on the driver’s license or identification card MUST be the same as the address on which you are filing an Application for Residence Homestead Exemption (because you can only get this exemption on ONE home you live in).

Download the form to fill out and send in. You can get the appraisal district’s name and number here: Fort Bend County Appraisal District
If you have questions, please call the Tax Assessor-Collector Office at 281-341-3710 or go to: https://www.fbcad.org/homestead-filing-requirements
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Subdivision Property Taxes

To get up-to-date Katy property tax rates, search for the subdivision (or the neighborhood name) below. When you view a neighborhood page, look at the “Subdivision Tax Rates” section and add up the five or six different tax types (city, school, drainage, levee, etc.) to determine the overall tax rate for the subdivision.

NOTE: This tool works best on a desktop…not a smart phone.

NOTE: If this tool (widget) doesn’t work correctly, please go to: Subdivision Lookup