“This is the most in-depth information on Katy Real Estate available all in one place! I am the local area real estate expert, and I have gathered hundreds of photos, graphs, maps, etc. and included detailed information on property taxes, HOA fees, amenities, and more.  Make sure you download my  Ultimate Guide to Katy Real Estate (eBook) to get EVEN MORE info (see details on extra info).”

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Hot Topics About Katy Texas

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Katy Homes for Sale – Find the Exact Type of Home You’re Looking For

There are hundreds of Katy homes for sale currently on the market. With other search tools (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com) it's hard to find exactly what you are looking for. Plus, they are not always accurate and up-to-date. My Katy homes for sale listings are the most accurate because they come direct from the SOURCE...the MLS database! This is where real estate agents input their listings for sale FIRST...then it feeds out to the other search tools. If you want the ... [Read More]
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Katy Neighborhoods – Learn All About the Top Communities in Katy Texas

Katy neighborhoods are mostly master planned communities with tree-lined streets, parks, playgrounds, and community pools and tennis courts. Some Katy neighborhoods are divided into subdivisions, and each subdivision will have its own tax rate, school zone, and price range. But when searching for a home, it is best to focus on a neighborhood...not one of the 200+ subdivisions in Katy. The main Katy neighborhoods are shown below. You can click a neighborhood to see a complete description of it including maps, videos, photos, tax ... [Read More]
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Katy Schools – How Do They Rank With Other Houston Schools?

Katy School District - Rankings One thing that is very challenging for people to understand about the Houston-metro area is that some schools districts are very large and can have BOTH high-rated AND low-rated schools within the SAME school district. Katy ISD has over 65 schools and Fort Bend ISD (for Sugar Land  TX) has over 73 schools! Naturally, with that many schools, some schools are going to be excellent and some may be low-performing. Of course, some school districts are ... [Read More]
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Katy Texas – Learn All About This Friendly Suburb

Katy Texas is a very large area on the west side of Houston TX…where the counties of Fort Bend, Harris, and Waller converge. It is hard to explain to people because, technically, the incorporated “City of Katy” is only a small area of about 15,000 people. However, the “Katy Area” or “Greater Katy Area” usually refers to the entire area covered by the Katy Independent School District and various sources quote the population to be somewhere around 340,000. According to ... [Read More]

Real Estate Buying Tips – Get the Best Deal – Avoid Common Mistakes

Real Estate Buying Tips This page include a lot of Katy real estate buying tips, but my best tip is: Get the best real estate agent! I would love to help you buy a great home! I specialize in getting home buyers the RIGHT home in the RIGHT neighborhood at the RIGHT price. My clients love me (read testimonials) because they know I've got their back! I watch out for defective homes, over-priced homes, and homes that may be difficult ... [Read More]

How To Sell Your Home FAST – Top Tips and Best Kept Secrets

How to Sell Your Home Fast - Top Tips and Best Kept Secrets How to sell your home in 4 easy steps: Contact Sheila Cox for a preliminary price analysis. Your choice: Call 832-779-2890       -or-        Email House Details To Me Meet in-person to discuss your service level options. Walk-through the home and decide on next steps. Sign paperwork and get home listed. That's the beginning of the process. Getting a home ready to go on ... [Read More]

Amazing Real Estate Tools – Make Your Real Estate Journey Easier

The following real estate tools are intended to help you with the home buying and selling process. Also see my helpful home buying and selling videos at: http://www.youtube.com/user/SheilaKCox ... [Read More]

Katy Real Estate Agent – Get the Best to Protect Your Investment

About Sheila Cox Winner of Five-Star Real Estate Agent eleven years in a row and featured in “Texas Monthly” magazine. Five-star rating with the Houston Association of REALTORS - HAR (based on client satisfaction). ePRO- and EcoBroker-certified real estate agent. Business Degree (B.B.A.) with Major in Marketing. Also a Sugar Land expert (view my other website)       Hey! My name is Sheila Cox, a Katy real estate agent. I have lived in this area since 1998...starting in Upper Kirby, then Westchase, ... [Read More]

Katy vs Sugar Land – Which Is Better?

Katy vs Sugar Land Overview Many people moving to the Houston area are told that two of the best places to live are Katy vs Sugar Land.  They then have a hard time deciding between the two…because they are both great places to live! Plus, they are very similar in types of homes available, good schools, demographics, etc. However there are some slight variations that I will try to point out in this report. Please note that these are my ... [Read More]

Katy Real Estate Articles – Best Info From Sheila Cox

There is a lot to know about Katy real estate! Here are all my helpful Katy real estate articles, to help you with buying and selling in Katy TX: ... [Read More]
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Best Katy Communities to Live In 2021

The best Katy communities to live in 2021 are mostly master planned communities with tree-lined streets, parks, playgrounds, and community pools and tennis courts. Some Katy communities are divided into subdivisions, and each subdivision will have its own tax rate, school zone, and price range. The following is a list of my favorite Katy communities. Click the community photo to see the in-depth community description including: PROs and CONs Description Maps Commute times Demographics Schools zoned to community Amenities (with ... [Read More]
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Take a Self-Guided Tour of Katy Texas!

Some people want a self-guided tour of Katy Texas before looking at houses with a REALTOR, so I created this tour to show you around the area. You will start this tour at LaCenterra which is a great place to find a restaurant. Just click each address in the order listed below and Google maps will take you to the featured places in our top Katy neighborhoods. You can click the neighborhood name to see my complete description of that ... [Read More]


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Amazing Real Estate Tools – To Improve Your Journey


Ultimate Guide to Katy Texas (eBook) – Save Time & Effort

Discover Katy and Know What the Experts Know Without Wasting Hours, Days, and Weeks of Time and Effort It doesn’t take years to get to know Katy…it just takes my free 280+ page real estate eBook! This Katy real estate guide provides all the info you need to get to know Katy: …

How’s the Katy Real Estate Market? – Hard To Find Data & Statistics

Finally! All the Katy Real Estate Market Stats You Need To Know the Best Price for Your Katy Home  (Since Tax Appraised Values Do NOT Equal Market Value in Texas!) DOWNLOAD the HOW’S the KATY REAL ESTATE MARKET Report TODAY Updated End of February 2021 People always ask me, “How’s …

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Let Me Set Up Your Custom Dream Home Alerts – I Have the Best Home Search Available! Watch this video to find out why my search is the most accurate…  Please forgive me when I look up a lot as I think of how to say what I want …

What’s Your Home Worth in Current Market?

Accurately pricing a home takes more than a three-minute look at current sales numbers by a computer algorithm. I am the local neighborhood expert who can give you a professional and accurate Current Market Analysis (CMA) to tell you what your Katy home is worth today. I’m going to need …

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