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Hey there and welcome to Katy, TX! My name is Sheila Cox, Five Star Real Estate Agent, and this is my website. By “my website” I mean that I personally wrote the pages on this website. I also created and gathered hundreds of photos, graphs, maps, videos, etc. about this area to provide you with in-depth real estate information from a LOCAL area expert. (You just can’t trust all the AI- or algorithm-generated info on other websites…I’m just sayin’ 😊)

If you are relocating to Katy TX, then this website provides helpful information about Katy neighborhoods, schools, flood zones, property taxes, HOA fees, amenities, and more. With over 170 web pages, this is the most in-depth Katy real estate website available…so spend some time and make sure you view the links on BOTH of the menus at the top.

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Beware of Inaccurate Websites

It can be challenging to provide accurate information about real estate in a growing area because things are constantly changing. School ratings, school zones, property tax rates, HOA fees, home values, etc. change from year-to-year or even month-to-month. New neighborhoods get added, as do new amenities in existing neighborhoods. However, I still believe that MY website is just about as accurate and comprehensive as possible. 

The image below is an example of inaccurate data on the Internet, about one of our biggest and most popular neighborhoods, Cinco Ranch. This isn’t just a matter of changing information…the information they are reporting has NEVER been correct for Cinco Ranch. 

Let me point out all the errors…

First of all, it’s “Katy-Gaston Rd”…not “Gadson.” Second of all, no part of Katy is zoned to Fort Bend ISD. What we call “Katy” is what is zoned to Katy ISD…pretty huge mistake. Third of all, Ursula Stephens Elementary is north of I-10 and nowhere near Cinco Ranch and David Crockett Middle school is in an entirely different school district, not Katy ISD! And fourth of all, Cinco Ranch is so large that it is zoned to 9+ different elementary schools, 6 different junior high schools, and 4 different high schools (see Cinco Ranch info). 

This is why you need to get your information from a local area real estate expert like me. I don’t just work here…I live here! And my website was not AI-generated or written by Internet-bots. 

And if you REALLY want to see how dangerous it is to rely on some websites, go read “RedFin Users Beware” on my Katy Flood Zones webpage. If you rely on THAT info, then you could end up with a house in a high-risk flood area!


Author of (so you know that I know this area!)

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Katy Neighborhoods

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Katy Texas – Learn All About This Friendly Suburb

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Katy Real Estate Agent

Katy Real Estate Agent

About Sheila Cox - Katy Real Estate Agent Award-winning Katy real estate agent and expert in the Katy, Sugar Land, Richmond, Fulshear areas (Fort Bend County). I don't just work here...I've lived here for over 20 years! Licensed since 2009, I am a high-quality, high-integrity, premium service real estate agent ... [Read More]
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Katy Schools Report

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Premium Customized Home Search

Let Me Help You Find the Exact Home You Want! Get help from a local area expert in finding the exact home you are looking for. Watch this video to find out why my search is the most accurate and how I can filter out high-risk flood areas and zone ... [Read More]
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Katy vs Sugar Land Overview Many people moving to the Houston area are told that two of the best places to live are Katy vs Sugar Land.  They then have a hard time deciding between the two…because they are both great places to live! Plus, they are very similar in ... [Read More]

Katy Real Estate Articles – Best Info From Sheila Cox

There is a lot to know about Katy real estate! Here are all my helpful Katy real estate articles, to help you with buying and selling in Katy TX: ... [Read More]


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sheila cox five star realtor5Integrity—I promise to give you candid opinions on all homes and areas so you can make the best decisions. I won’t ignore potential defects that can cost you money, or effect your resale value, in the future…I point them out to you! My job is to protect you, as much as possible, from defective homes while helping you make a sound financial investment. You will get more REAL info from me regarding homes/neighborhoods than you ever had before! (Read client testimonials)

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Video Home Tours—If you or your spouse lives out of the state or country, then you will enjoy my detailed video home tours. I have sold multiple homes to out-of-area clients “site unseen” by providing High Definition video walkthroughs of potential homes. My videos show front and back yards, closets, pantries, laundry rooms, and the garage…as well as the entire home. This gives you a complete picture of the house (unlike those silly Matterports). I also point out any potential defects or deferred maintenance that I see. (view sample video walkthrough)

Easier Process—Moving your family (and possibly changing jobs) is stressful enough. I’m your transaction manager and will guide you, step-by-step, through the process so you never miss an important deadline. I assist with inspections, repair negotiations, home warranties, HOA compliance inspections, hazard insurance, surveys, appraisals, title commitment, home warranties, title commitment, and more. (Get Details of My Value-Added Services)

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