Timeline for Planning a Home Purchase

Resale Homes

Most people need help with the timeline for planning a home purchase, so here’s my recommendation.

Start with a Deadline. That’s the date you absolutely have to be out of your current home/apartment. This Deadline may be the end of a lease or a move-out date for an existing home that you are selling.

Begin Search. You should begin your search approximately 2.5 to 3 months before your deadline. Keep in mind that most home owners will want you to Close within 5-6 weeks of executing a contract because that’s the typical time it takes for a lender to process your loan. It may take several weeks before you find a home and get an accepted contract. Some people start their search even earlier, to have more cushion, but they must be prepared to Close early and pay two house payments until the end of their current lease or move out date on current home. (Actually, you don’t usually begin paying a new mortgage for at least one month after Closing. So if you Close in the middle of June, your first house payment may not be until August 1.)

Deadline for Executed Contract. You must be “under contract” on your new home at least 6 weeks before your deadline but 8 weeks is preferred. Again…this is to allow time for your lender to process the loan (usually 5-6 weeks). You should allow a 2 week gap between Closing on your new home and moving out of your current home in order to give yourself time to pack, move, and clean. NEVER plan to Close and move out on the same day. Closings don’t always happen on time, as scheduled. There can be delays caused by the lender. You do not want your belongings on a moving van before you have a definite place to put them!

Recommended Close Date. You should Close on your new home about 2 weeks before your Deadline to move out of your existing home. However, this will need to be negotiated with the Seller of the new home. If they have already vacated the property, they will want a quick/short Closing date. If they are still living in the home, they may want a longer date before Closing or they may want a Temporary Lease to live in the home, after Closing, to have time to pack and move.

timeline planning home purchase

New Construction Homes

This timeline is for purchasing a resale home. If you are buying new construction (home being built from “dirt”) then it will take 5-6 months or more. In 2022 there are shortages and supply-chain issues, and some home builders have delays. Rainy weather can also delay a Close date for new construction homes.



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