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Homestead Tax Exemption in Texas

As a homeowner in Texas, your Homestead Tax Exemption is a large exemption to reduce the amount of property taxes you pay. Applying for a Homestead Tax Exemption (more info) is a one-time activity in Texas that homeowners need to do the first year they buy a home…not something you do every year. The deadline is not until the first one-year anniversary of Closing on your home, however, you can do it now.
Your application must include a copy of your Texas Driver’s License or DPS Identification Card and the address on the driver’s license or identification card MUST be the same as the address on which you are filing an Application for Residence Homestead Exemption (because you can only get this exemption on ONE home you live in). Make an appointment to get your Texas driver’s license here.
Download the form to fill out and send in or you can eFILE it by clicking here
You can get the appraisal district’s name and number here: Fort Bend County Appraisal District
If you have questions, please call the Tax Assessor-Collector Office at 281-341-3710 or go to:
More info…
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